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(no subject)

I would have liked this episode if it wasn't one episode... never liked the tendency of the writers to make it Either/Or new kids vs. Old kids. Is it so hard to intersperse them so it actually seems like they are taking place concurrently? If the contents of this episode were spread out over the first five of the season,  we would have more time to appreciate everything and how:
--the new kids aren't the clones the old newbies were; they have their own characters that aren't all sad.
-- Rachel really doesn't know this because she's yet to realize that it's not all about what she can give the kids, but what they want to share of themselves.
-- Kitty is actually the lead she always wanted to be. (Love her line about actually getting to sing vs yet another alumnus)
- Sue will never be on the side of the Glee Club. Just never.
-- Myron is the new Sugar, giving money and security to  the Glee Club
-- Spencer and Alistair are nice because they aren't a big deal, and Jane and Mason (Jason?) are darling because they're dorky and neither one of them takes the attention for granted.
Kurt and Blaine are on their honeymoon of course, so he misses yet another chance to be recognized as a teacher/driving force of the New Directions by anyone else to whom it would matter. Sorry it bugs me.

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i have had a fic idea in my head since season 2, but it will sound repetitive because of what happened in season 5... oh well. I might as well put it down now so that it is out of my head.
You know how when you're an established couple you will sometimes tease each other about randoms you find cute? It occurred to me that Klaine could be the same way about one guy. Kind of like Cam and Mitch in Modern Family. Kurt and Blaine live in an apartment or a townhouse and they're really happy going out and staying in and occasionally neighbor-watching, when someone really sweet and both their type moves into the building. and because I'm me, it's a pastry chef who is Belgian or Austrian and Kurt bonds with him over Euro-love and Blaine bonds with him over being an actual Viennese boy-choir survivor. He loves Klaine's by-now signature mushroom pate, and watches for their cat when they have to be out. It's all fun and silly until Blaine notices that Kurt is being secretive, and hedges when he mentions him. One time Blaine is home early by himself and could swear he hears thumping noises and Kurt's voice coming from this guy's apartment. Kurt comes home kind of flushed and tired and jumps into the shower immediately. Blaine tries to tamp it down and he actually takes a stab at hanging out with (let's call him Luc, or Guy, or some such) but Luc is busy too.
It all comes to light when their anniversary comes around and it turns out that Kurt asked Luc to teach him how to make croissants (I told you s5 would come into it!) because he wanted to surprise Blaine and remind him of their trip to Paris. (*if there is any doubt about how making croissants is a tiring process, youtube it.)
Besides, Luc is in a long-distance relationship (something that he and Blaine connect over immensely) with a gorgeous rapid-French speaking dancer (in my head, Cambodian-Abidjan) who is very possessive and who they turn out to love to bits when he finally comes to live with Luc... and so Klaine become this young couple's unofficial godparents and "acclimate to American ways" guides. And Kurt gets very shut out when the three of them get strange around World Cup time, but they throw the best Fleet Week parties ever, with an informal competition to see who can invite the most tadpole gays. 

so Blaine is running for class president and Kurt will take a stab at being Glee TA. I smell authority!kink fics.
Meanwhile, can we also talk about how this is the first Presidential election that many of the kids are eligible to vote in? Obviously this will never ever be tackled in the show but I'd love if someone wrote fic for political!Klaine... ie Kurt son-of-a-congressman and Blaine-marriage-equality-in-all-50-states. Obvs Tina-righteous-blade-of-feminism, Artie-agenda, Santana-Latin education, Mike-arts-in-schools, Finn-vet causes. Less obvious: Quinn-church-vs.repro rights, Rachel-ss marriage recognition or animal rights.   

(no subject)
Dianna's taking pastry classes over the summer, according to an article detailing the Glee cast's summer plans now that they're not doing a Glee Live. How awesome would it be if she came to the school where I teach for those classes? For that matter, all of them could come and we'd bake and hang out. Lea's and Jenna's families are here and they'll be here already, Darren's brother and girlfriend are here and his parents come all the time. (In my head I have a scenario where I send all of them gift certificates for classes, anonymously.) Can't say I'd woo anyone away from the beach or the recording studio, but how much fun could it be to do what I love with some cool and fun cast members?
Except that I'm a creeper and wierd because I'm 15 years older than you and a fangirl. Oh, never mind.